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Для ЛСД смертельная доза до сих пор не известна


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(LD50 is the dosage at which half of the exposed animals die. The dose for which there’s a 50% chance of death.)

Various figures:
LSD, LD50 mice, 46mg/Kg intravenous.
LSD, LD50 rats, 16.5mg/Kg intravenous.
LSD, LD50 rabbits, 0.3mg/Kg intravenous.
In mice the LD50 of intravenous LSD appears to be nearly 9500 times an estimated analogous human dose of 250 micrograms for a 150 pound adult.

At very high doses LSD has been reported to have effects on organ systems other than the nervous system and the symptoms resemble those of ergot poisoning, including hemorrhage and hyperthermia.
The NIOSH Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances lists most published LD50 measurements.

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